India: the value of garlic exports increases 92%

  The rising export trend for Indian garlic started last year. In 2016-2017 the export value of garlic increased by 92% compared to the previous year to a record high of 3.07 billion rupees (40.2 million euros). The Indian garlic export exploded thanks to its decline in China, the world’s largest producer. Garlic became the most sought-after product in India’s

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Curiosities. Japanese coffee, invented from garlic

  “The drink that was created by the kitchen error  is probably the first of its kind in the world,” says the inventor of the drink, the 74-year-old Yokimoto Shimotai, a former owner of a cafe in Aomori Prefecture (Aomori) Japan.


Argentina: Garlic surface grows and export prices to Brazil decrease

    This season, the area planted with garlic amounted to 10,550 hectares, i.e. 14% more than in the previous cycle. Meanwhile, the drop in the price of exports to Brazil in the last 6 months is alarming, as a box has gone from $ 25 to $ 12 dollars last September, according to the Rural Development Institute (IDR) of

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2017 Year in Review: China’s Fresh Garlic Exports

  According to customs statistics, from January to November, China’s export volume of garlic reached 1.80 million tons and accrued a value of USD 3.11 billion.


Ukrainians eat Chinese garlic

  Despite forecasts of excellent prospects for increasing the export of Ukrainian garlic this season, so far Ukraine has demonstrated a significant deterioration of the international trade balance for these products. According to Info-Shuvar, in July 2016, we almost did not import garlic, whereas in the same month of 2017 Ukraine imported almost 170 tons of this product. The whole

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In Estonia will pass fragrant garlic festival

  The fragrant event – the garlic festival – will take place next weekend in Kuremaa, bringing together the Estonians, for whom the piquant spice has become a special way of life, and offering the public “mountains” of garlic – marinated and soaked, green and black, as well as onions, garlic cream and other spices.


Третий чесночный форум UkrUP “Органик” VS “Классика”

  OОО «Селькохозяйственное предприятие “УкрАП” приглашает всех участников плодоовощного рынка на Третий чесночный форум UkrUP “Органик” VS “Классика”.  Форум состоится 9-10 сентября в Киеве на базе  Гостинично – ресторанного комплекса «Верховина», зал № 5 (красный), по адресу: Киевская область, Киево-Святошинский район (Окружная дорога), с. Петропавловская Борщаговка, ул. Петропавловская 24.


Tatarstan. Almetyevsk farmers will compete with Chinese suppliers of garlic

  In the Almetyevsk “Vegetable Valley” plan to move the Chinese garlic on the shelves of the country.


Spain: “We have been forced to delay the marketing of garlic”

  The Spanish garlic campaign kicked off a few weeks ago with the marketing of the first Spring and Spring violet garlic, and now preparations are underway for the harvest of purple garlic, which is the most representative in Spain because of its organoleptic properties.  


Crime news from France and India

    France. Stolen 10 tons of white garlic On Friday 07 of July, in the municipality of Grignan  were stolen 10 tons of white garlic left by farmers on the ground to dry. The amount of damage makes more than 30 thousand euros. On the memory of the local farmers such cases did not happen before. Over the incident the

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